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Army physical readiness is defined as the ability to meet the physical demands of any combat or duty
position, accomplish the mission and continue to fight and win.

TC 3-22.20 is the army's new physical readiness training manual and it is commonly mistaken as
FM 3-22.20. The new PT Manual replaces FM 21-20 if you don't believe me or your training NCO has
not given you the memo just look at the new
APFT Score Card DA 705 which is dated May 2010. The
new Army PT manual says the following:

The goal of the Army Physical Fitness Training Program is to develop Soldiers who are physically
capable and ready to perform their duty assignments or combat roles. To reach this goal, leaders use
the PRT System to aim first at developing strength, endurance and mobility. Soldiers must be able to
perform required duties and sustain activity during full spectrum operations. Soldiers trained through
PRT demonstrate the mobility to apply strength and endurance to the performance of basic military skills
such as marching, speed running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, crawling, combatives and water survival.
These skills are essential to personal safety and effective Soldier performance—not only in training, but
also, and more importantly, during combat operations.

Physical fitness and health form the basis of physical readiness. Physical readiness is in turn essential
to combat readiness. PRT prepares Soldiers and units physically to be successful in the conduct full
spectrum operations. Secondary goals of PRT are to instill confidence and the will to win; develop
teamwork and unit cohesion; and integrate aggressiveness, resourcefulness and resilience. The PRT
System brings Soldiers to a state of physical readiness through a systematic program of drills and
activities specifically designed to enhance performance of
Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills. Army PRT
seeks to attain the development of all Soldiers’ physical attributes to the fullest extent of their given
potential. This will instill confidence in their ability to perform their duties under all circumstances
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