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Core Mission Essential Task List (CMETL)

A unit’s Core Mission Essential Task List CMETL is a list of a unit’s corps capability mission-essential tasks and
general mission-essential tasks. Units train on CMETL tasks until the unit commander and next higher commander
mutually decide to focus on training for a directed mission. Then units transition to a DMETL. A CMETL normally
focuses unit training in the reset phase of ARFORGEN; however, it can focus training in other ARFORGEN phases if
the unit does not receive a directed mission. Units conduct CMETL training under the conditions found in a single
operational theme and at an appropriate point on the spectrum of conflict (for example, midway between insurgency
and general war) based on higher headquarters’ guidance.

In today’s modular, expeditionary Army, commanders and leaders expect certain capabilities of organizations
assigned to their force package. Standardized CMETLs and focused training conditions at brigade and above help
meet these expectations in two ways: they enhance the Army’s ability to rapidly assemble force packages, and they
minimize the additional training needed for the most probable directed missions. Maintaining a
CMETL training focus
provides the Nation the strategic depth required for unforeseen contingencies. Headquarters, Department of the
Army, adjusts training conditions periodically as it reassesses likely operational environments. Commanders cannot,
and do not need to, train on all CMETL related collective and individual tasks. (See paragraph 4-52.) Instead, they
train on those tasks they deem most important.

CMETLs include two types of tasks:
1. A core capability mission-essential task is a mission-essential task approved by Headquarters, Department of the
Army, that is specific to a type of unit resourced according to its authorization document and doctrine
2. A general mission-essential task is a mission-essential task approved by Headquarters, Department of the Army,
that all units, regardless of type, must be able to accomplish. CMETLs are supported by task groups, supporting
collective tasks, and supporting individual tasks. If you want to learn more about CMETL then you should download
FM 7-0 Training for Full Spectrum Operations and FM 7-15 The Army Universal Task List.

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